Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Lovers Embrace Bike Sharing

If you follow this space, you know I'm a big fan of bike sharing programs. An old friend just emailed me from South Beach, Florida, where he stumbled across the City of Miami Beach's Decobikes. I'm sure he won't mind if I share his enthusiasm for their rental bikes.

"We are in South Beach, and they have the bike rentals like B-Cycle in Denver that you wrote about. This is freakin' awesome! We just cruise around, hit the beach, stop and get some beers at a sidewalk cafe, and do it all over again. They have a pretty sweet app for my phone, too."

That might be the most convincing testimonial for trying a bikeshare program that I've ever read. Thanks for sharing, Dirt-E Steve!

Decobike has an informative site. Check out the video. (The model is not a fat white guy in a floral print and flip-flops.)